Transformational Coaching

Ann Engels –

Ann offers deep presence and listening so you can safely discover your authentic essence, which is creative and joyful. 
That process IS transformation happening within you.

At the heart of our partnership together lies gaining deep insights and understanding who you are. The outcome is clarity, not just once but happening more and more often and effortlessly. 
Clarity is a trustworthy compass in life at all times.

As we explore the root cause of all challenges, obstacles and conflicts, any challenge you face might open the door to this work. We meet each other where you are, to begin this transformative journey.

Quality of life/relationships arises when we see things exactly as they are without judging them, and without forcing anything. Deep insight and clarity take care of that, what is no longer serving you in a natural way. A tremendous sense of beauty and harmony can be felt instantly.

The coaching journey is a deep work of awakening, realizing and being in our life here and now. It is an important investment in one’s deepest education.
It is unlearning and learning at the same time.
With passion, and passion includes compassion.

What awaits you? 

  • Change of mindset
  • Experience peace of mind and freedom to observe what is 
  • Feel more connected to yourself and to others
  • Regain powerful energy
  • Clearly see and clear what is holding you back 
  • Learn to embrace challenges and uncertainty 
  • Make more empowering decisions in your life to experience more ease and harmony
  • Take more effective action
  • Live your life in accordance with what is most important to you
  • Become a truly deep listener  

During our sessions: 
We slow down and bring awareness to what-is in a very safe and non-judgmental space. We commit to deep exploration where learning and insights, and thus clarity can emerge. The coaching process is a self-exploration journey and is a priceless gift to yourself. 
When even a slight crack is there, where the light of wisdom can shine through, then this work improves the quality of your life right from our first session together, possibly even before, from our intake conversation.
An intake conversation is free of charge. Book your free discovery conversation, there is no better way to taste and feel what this work actually can to you. May these words be a warm invitation.  

As a byproduct: 
There are no secrets about the core of this 'sacred' way of coaching. It is being present in the moment as a way of living, which is a very deep and serious ongoing inner and outer work based on simplicity by understanding complexity till its root cause in a fast-paced changing world.
The core qualities that you experience in this coaching can be picked up through the journey in a natural way, and they may also become yours. I feel happy to share these qualities with anybody who can be sensitive to it and see/feel the urge of it. By not forcing anything it happens naturally.

DEEP LISTENING: It is an antidote for everything that prevents human beings from being authentic. Deep listening improves the quality of our exploration and pure thinking. 
The deepest listening invites us into pure awareness. 

PRESENCE: I stay with you in a non-judgmental way, so you will feel safe. Safety is crucial in this work. 

UPLIFTING QUESTIONS and SELF-INQUIRY I will ask you questions that end the chattering of the mind. In fact, they cut through old patterns that no longer serve you in a creative way. This means that innovative, creative learning will happen, because you never looked at the issues from this perspective till you found clarity.

space -> freedom -> breakthrough -> flash insight -> learning = action

You will learn to ask right questions yourself, 
and we will refine and deepen them.

"Every confusion, conflict, or sorrow is created by the mind 
and can never be completely resolved by the mind. 
It can only be ended by a deep heart-felt understanding." 


"Transformation is not in the future, can never be in the future. 
It can only be now, from moment to moment...
Seeing the false as the false and the true as the true is transformation, 
because when you see something very clearly as the truth, that truth liberates."

- J. Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom

Deep transformation is a natural process of understanding yourself from a field beyond the ego mind, a process of freeing yourself from sorrow, conflict, beliefs, and patterns, by getting clarity in the moment. You learn to meet life with a deep, strong and sane psychological foundation. 


  • ICF Certified Diploma Transformational Coaching (Animas UK), 
  • Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitating (Animas), 
  • Existential Coaching (Yannick Jacob), 
  • Existential Wellbeing counseling: a person-centered approach (KU Leuven), 
  • Silent retreat Shamata (Tibetan Institute), 
  • Retreats with School for Self-Inquiry as a participant and/or co-facilitator. (B, F, CH, PL, D, IL, CA)


BEFORE STARTING A COACHING JOURNEY, we take our time to meet in-person or online, to talk and to understand your actual demands on your path of personal growth.

If one commits to taking their deep transformational journey seriously, 
then the value of this coaching journey is priceless.





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