Transformational Coaching


Ann Engels –



I help you to embrace the journey of self-transformation in a safe way so that you can discover your authentic, creative and joyful essence.

I help you looking to fullfill your potential, to reconnect with you purpose and to transform your career and life through.

Acquiring deep insights and understanding who you are at the core of your being, is the key to living the life and doing the work that you love in a connected way.

What awaits you? 

  • Change of mindset
  • Experience peace of mind and freedom to observe what is 
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others
  • Regain powerful energy
  • Clearly see and clear what is holding you back 
  • Learn to embrace challenges and uncertainty 
  • Make more empowering decisions in your life to experience more ease and harmony
  • Take more effective action
  • Live your life in accordance with what is most important to you
  • Become a better and deep listener  

During our sessions: 
We slow down and bring awareness to what-is in a very safe and non-judgmental space. We commit to deep exploration where learning and insights, and thus clarity can emerge. The coaching process is a self-exploration journey and is a tremendous gift to yourself. It improves the quality of our lives from the first sessiion. 


Some of my coaching qualities may naturally become yours: 

DEEP LISTENING: It is an antidote for everything that prevents you from being authentic. Deep listening improves the quality of your exploration and thinking, and it may even invite you into silence and pure creative awareness. 

PRESENCE: I stay with you in a non-judgmental way 

UPLIFTING QUESTIONS and SELF-INQUIRY I will ask you questions that end the chattering of the mind. IN fact, they break the thinking pattern that no longer serves you. Now the space is open to learn something completely new. 

space for a breakthrough -> freedom -> flash of insight -> learning

You will learn to ask the deep questions yourself, and we will refine them till we stay with them in a meditative way.

Every confusion, conflict, or sorrow is created by the mind and can never be resolved by the mind.  

It can only be ended by a deep heart-felt understanding." 

"Transformation is not in the future, can never be in the future. 
It can only be now, from moment to moment...
Seeing the false as the false and the true as the true is transformation, 
because when you see something very clearly as the truth, that truth liberates."

- J. Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom

Deep transformation is a natural process of understanding yourself from a field beyond the ego mind, a process of freeing yourself from sorrow, conflict, beliefs, and patterns, getting clarity in the moment. You learn to meet life with a deep, strong and sane psychological foundation which facilitates inner peace and joy. 



  • ICF Certified Diploma Transformational Coaching (Animas UK), 
  • Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitating (Animas), 
  • Existential Coaching (Yannick Jacob), 
  • Existential Wellbeing counseling: a person-centered approach (KU Leuven), 
  • Silent retreat Shamata (Tibetan Institute), 
  • Retreats with School for Self-Inquiry as a participant and/or co-facilitator. (B, F, CH, PL, D, IL, CA)


BEFORE STARTING A COACHING JOURNEY, we take our time to meet in-person or online, to talk and to understand your actual demands on your path of personal growth.

If one commits to taking deep transformational coaching seriously, the value of this coaching will be very high.